Davis is a software engineer, dad and baseball fan living in Northern California. By day he is a software engineer and manager for Pivotal Labs, Inc. coding for clients. Other times he reads to his kids, makes his wife laugh, grills flank steaks for anyone who comes by, and ensures that the Internet is up at home with roughly three 9s.

DWF, Out There

What DWF Codes

  • Jasmine is a Behavior-Driven Development testing framework for JavaScript
  • Jasmine webOS is how to use Jasmine with Palm webOS Mojo applications
  • Keydown is a set of Ruby scripts for building HTML slide presentations
  • Bonfire is a set Ruby scripts for building eBooks for Amazon Kindle
  • Infews is where I post applications I write for HP/Palm webOS
  • Everything else lives at my Github profile

What DWF Talks About