Markdown + deck.js

Yet another single-page HTML presentation maker

So you need to make a presentation...

And you're not this guy

You're this guy

Markdown > Powerpoint

HTML, CSS, JS > Keynote


  1. $ gem install keydown
  2. $ keydown generate my_presentation
  3. Write your presentation in Markdown
  4. Customize with CSS
  5. keydown slides


You're soaking in it


Take a look...

The previous slide looks just like this:

You can even drop the centering

Or have a specific slide have its own CSS

The presentation

Custom CSS file

Or a full-bleed background (with attribution)


Add your own CSS, JavaScript

No server required - just add the files to the project directory

$ keydown slides

Builds a deck.js presentation

Present anywhere can launch a browser


@dwfrank | infews on Github

Made with Keydown