Davis W. Frank

I am an experienced senior software engineering leader with a demonstrated history of helping software teams shorten feedback loops, ship software, and stay happy. I can manage developers, designers, product managers, and people managers. I can build and re-staff teams. I can own critical business systems and start open source projects. I can present to meetups, conferences, customers, and executives about Ruby, JavaScript, YAML, Web Applications, early history of PC game development, low-level processor optimization, Pair Programming, and Test-driven Development.

Professional Experience Timeline

Fountain 2021 October - 2023 May

Director of Engineering

Personal Sabbatical & Product Advising 2020 January - 2021 October

Pivotal Software & Pivotal Labs 2008 April - 2020 January

Senior Engineering Manager, PKS 2018 October - 2020 January

PKS (now known as TKGI) is a jointly-developed Kubernetes distribution from Pivotal & VMware that is a service for Pivotal Cloud Foundry/Tanzu Application Service. Pivotal was acquired by VMware in late 2019.

Senior Engineering Manager, Cloud Foundry 2018 April - 2018 October

Pivotal was the primary sponsor of the Cloud Foundry project, a multi-cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for deployment of web apps and services. Pivotal sold its own version of CF, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, now known as Tanzu Application Service.

Director of Engineering, Internal Application Development 2015 March - 2018 March

I advocated for and created this team within IT to improve the development & maintenance of our business-critical, internal software projects.

Associate Director, Pivotal Labs 2013 February - 2015 March

Pivotal Labs was a consultancy that build web and mobile applications with clients as a way of teaching XP skills. Pivotal Labs was acquired by EMC in 2012, then spun out as part of Pivotal Software in 2013. They operate now as VMware Tanzu Labs.

Engineering Manager, Pivotal Labs 2010 February - 2013 February

Software Engineer, Pivotal Labs 2008 April - 2010 February

Real Girls Media 2007 February - 2008 April

Senior Software Engineer

RGM was building a custom CMS in Ruby on Rails, intended to back a family of web-only magazines. They were acquired in 2009.

Personal Sabbatical 2006 June - 2007 February

Handspring & Palm 2001 November - 2006 June

Handspring was acquired by PalmSource and renamed to palmOne in 2003. They renamed again to Palm in 2004.

Prior Experience

My history of roles and accomplishments at Netstudio, Brøderbund, and Intel are available in my full resume.


University of Georgia

B.S., Computer Science, July 1992

Harrison Metal

General Management class and electives, since fall 2017

Projects & Activities