After twelve years working at Pivotal Software — first as a consultant, then in management — I have observed dozens of projects. I have seen test frameworks come and go. I have seen all manner of Agile dogma ebb and flow. Pivotal’s process is was firmly rooted in Extreme Programming, but like any good process it adapted. We incorporated concepts from Balanced Team and Lean Startup. “XP” and “Agile” have become loaded terms, so I’ve switched to using the term “Continuous Delivery,” or just “CD.”

I often get asked the question, “How can I introduce CD to my team?” There are as many ways to make the journey as there are teams. I wrote the following blog post to give you and your team a guide. It’s a way to measure your process now. And can used as a “to do” list for how to proceed.

First up, a test.