Cmd-O is My New and Old Friend

1 May 2021 — about a 1 minute read

When I was a big nvALT user, I got very used to a specific set of actions whenever I needed to take notes on something I would…

  1. Cmd-Tab over to nvALT
  2. Cmd-L to get to the search bar
  3. Type the thing on my mind
  4. Scan the search results
  5. Choose a note Edit/Append to the note as needed


  1. Hit Enter to make a new file to empty my brain into

This was deep, deep muscle memory for me. “This feels familiar. Did I ever write anything up about…” then Cmd-Tab, Cmd-L, type-ity-type-ity, and continue on. This was very smooth.

As much as I’ve raved about Obsidian in this series, I was missing this feature.

But it turns out that Cmd-O is all you had to say. It’s nearly the same functionality. The search happens in a modal dialog and gives you the option of navigating down to the note you want or just creating a new note with the search contents as the title.

And yes, Windows & Linux users, Ctrl-O.

I now keep my left pane collapsed by default and only use the search tab for looking for tags.

Just glorious.