Core Plugin: Templates

21 March 2021 — under 1 minute read

I enabled the Core plugin for Templates. This allows you to specify a directory of templates - just Markdown files - for when you create new notes.

You get a new button on the left gutter called Insert Template for inserting templated text.

  • Create a new file
  • Optionally name it
  • Click the Insert Template button

When you click this button, Obsidian asks you which template to insert, shows you a searchable list of all of your template files. Pick one and it’s inserted.

The main option is a directory to hold your template text notes. I have named my template directory _templates_ so the folder pops to the top of my Notes tab. I keep it closed so I barely think about it. I’ve named each template _Template<topic> so they are differentiated in any file list.

There are a few variables it will evaluate, including inserting the title, date, and time, for customization.

And yes, the Daily Journal plugin is fine with the daily template living in this directory.