Goodbye Jonathan Demme

26 April 2017 — under 1 minute read

Originally written as a tweetstorm on the death of Jonathan Demme. I’ve expanded a bit more here.


I wasn’t much of a Talking Heads fan. I liked them fine.

I appreciated their quirky melodies & artsy videos in contrast to the rest of early MTV.

That changed when the older brother of a friend heard I had not only a stereo VCR, but an amplifier and a tape deck that connected to it.

Thus I found myself one Friday evening taping to cassette (you know, chrome-age “ripping”), the entirety of Stop Making Sense with someone I didn’t know that well. By the end of the night, we were both excited to have one of the best rock concert movies that we could play just about anywhere.

Likely watching Storefront Hitchcock tonight.

RIP and Thank You, Mr. Demme.