Interestings for Iterators Vol I, #3

3 May 2024 about a 1 minute read

Editor’s Note: I’m going to be in Detroit at RailsConf the week of May 6th. If you’re going to be there, let me know.

Codex Updates

Last post, I mentioned the creation of the Pivotal Alumni Codex. Even if you’re not a Pivotal alum, it’s still a good resource for all iterators. Take a look. Pull requests welcome.

When there are interesting updates to the Codex, I will make sure to call them out here.
This week, we added a Newsletters section, with sections pivot-authored newsletters, as well as others you might find helpful.

In The Wild

Finding Your Future - Session 3 Jason Fraser is running another workshop to help you find your next job on Monday, May 13th. This will be especially helpful if you’re not sure about that next career step. Sign up at the link.

What is leadership? - With David Marquet This is a 10 minute sketched animation of David giving the highest-level summary of Intent-Based Leadership, the core principle he covers in one of my favorite business books, Turn This Ship Around. He posted this to Threads this week, mentioning that he traded his keynote speech fee for this animation. I agree that it was totally worth the exchange. This is a both a great primer and a quick refresh.

Why Aren’t We Talking About Continuous Improvement? John Cutler’s post this week helped me pause and think about why it’s so hard to get teams and orgs to even talk hypothetically about improving how they work. He has hope. So should we all.

Mik Freedman on the WhatTheDev? Podcast Mik talks about detecting Agile anti-patterns. It’s short, and full of very familiar concepts. Hearing them again, and more of a “whole org” context, it provides a bit of that hope that John Cutler mentions.

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