Interestings for Iterators (i4i) Vol I, #5

31 May 2024 about a 1 minute read

Codex Updates

A couple of updates on the Agility Resources/Practices page:

I can confirm that Broadcom dropping their Miro subscription has not affected the Tanzu/Pivotal Labs contributions to the Miroverse. This solid set of great starter boards for various sessions live here happily.

New to me is the the Tanzu Library board: a list of recommended books, with category tags, and room for short reviews. This would be great for a team’s book club.

Also, Ben Christel has added his Automated Project Management presentation, which shares how he talks about and uses Pivotal Tracker.

In The Wild

Planet Money has a podcast episode about Open Source software, told with the framing story of the XZ hack from earlier this year. If you’re reading this, the podcast episode won’t give you much new - though I didn’t know about the project mentioned as the “first” OSS project. I expect it will be a good primer on OSS for anyone you know who’s not in the software business.

And if you’re sending this podcast to one of those folks, here’s the referenced XKCD “Jenga” comic, titled, appropriately, Dependency. Don’t miss the hover!

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