My Obsidian for a Job Search

1 May 2021 — about a 1 minute read

My friends have been great about asking me how my current job search is going. Twice in the last month, people have asked a follow-up, “How are you tackling the problem?”


The answer this time is some new habits, a couple of apps, and Obsidian (duh).

The Short Version

I have a daily routine that looks roughly like this:

  • Search for Jobs
  • For each interesting job, write up research notes
  • Track the status of the job application on a Kanban board (I use Todoist)
  • For each application, customize a generic resume and cover letter (Google Docs)
  • Take notes on each discussion and interview
  • Keep some common interview questions and answers in a note
  • Keep the Kanban updated as applications happen and change status

Naturally, I take all the notes in Obsidian.

It’s hard to write this up linearlly. This summary wasn’t feeling helpful. If only there were some way to deliver a folder of notes, including some templates, with some linking.

Oh, wait.

But Why Not an Obsidian Vault?

Here it is - a folder of Markdown files that walks you my current job search process. It handles all of the steps above. It allows for lots of personalization. And if you open these files in Obsidian - as their own Vault, or just copy them to your main Vault - then you get even more power out of your second brain.

It’s also a GitHub repo. So issues welcome. Though I will be picky about PR’s. Make this your own.